Freedom - Collection 2020


Delicacy, poetry and sensuality. Our quintessential Iconic dress. Crepe dress. Deep V neckline edged by hand with embroidered tulle flowers. Fitted at the waist and A-line that follows the silhouette. V-embroidered tulle back. Eve can be accessorized with an embroidered tulle train, an embroidered tulle overskirt, long embroidered tulle sleeves, ruffled sleeves, small crepe cape sleeves and embroidered tulle cape sleeves .


Graphic and modern. Crepe dress. Calais lace boat neckline, crepe headband and lace belt. Fitted A-line silhouette. Diamond back neckline. Gin can be personalized with long lace sleeves, lace cape sleeves, fabric cape sleeves, and lace / fabric sleeves.

TEVA & Louison

Crepe bodice with thin straps. Deep V neckline and V back neckline. Corolla crepe skirt. Teva can be worn with our Line skirt. Louison can be worn with the Laetitia bodice and. our Brigitte crop top.


Calais lace bodice lined with a skin-colored crepe. Laetitia can be worn with our Line and Louison skirts.


Embroidered tulle dress. Can be worn with a sweetheart neckline bandeau bodice, our Sira skirt or our Lana dress.


Calais lace crop top. Round neckline, small sleeves and back closed with small buttons. The Brigitte crop top can be worn with our Louison and Sira skirts.

Tara & Line

Calais lace top. V neckline, straight cut. Back closed with a button cut from finer Calais lace. Tara can be worn with our Sira skirt. Line can be worn with our Brigitte crop top or our Laetitia and Teva bodices.


Tulle dress draped over the bodice and hand-embroidered with embroidered tulle flowers. Airy skirt in embroidered tulle, belted at the waist and lined with a pale pink crepe. V-neck front and back.


Slipdress in strech crepe. Dress with thin straps. Front and back V-neckline. Lana can be personalized with a Mila embroidered tulle over dress or a Calais lace top.


Timeless with a flattering fit. Slightly high waist A-line silk crepe dress. Calais lace bodice, front neckline and V-shaped back edged with scallops. Eloise can be personalized with small lace sleeves, 3/4 lace sleeves and a gathered silk Goergette crepe overskirt.


Blousing dress, low waist, 1930s style in silk crepe. V neckline and dizzying open back. Capucine can be personalized with small lace sleeves, a Calais lace underside or embroidered tulle.