The Timeless


Elegance, audacity and. femininity. Fitted wedding dress in heavy crepe. Neckline embroidered with embroidered tulle flowers. Open back of embroidered tulle. It can be accessorized with an embroidered tulle train or long embroidered tulle sleeves.


Minimalist, modern and timeless. Body-hugging wedding dress made in stretch crepe. sensuality embodied by the V necklines at the front and back. Can be worn with the Lilly-Rose embroidered tulle overdress, our Ella lace top or our bolero ….


Between romanticism and daring. Floral embroidered tulle crop top. Can be worn with our Kelly, Gipsy, Brigitte, Sira, Pattie, Line skirt or our Plume pants.


Sensuality and softness. V-neck bodice in floral embroidered tulle, thin straps and V-neck back. Can be worn with Brigitte, Gipsy, Sira, Pattie, Kelly, Line or our Plume pants.


The embodiment of elegance simplicity. Slender wedding dress in silk crepe, bateau neckline and V-back neckline. Can be accessorized with embroidered tulle sleeves, lace mittens or the Eve embroidered tulle overskirt.


The glamor of the 1930s. Wedding dress cut on the bias, blouson in silk crepe. Can be personalized with lace undershirts.


Sweetness and romance. Crepe de sole dress, Calais lace bodice. Can be personalized with small cabochon sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or silk Georgette crepe overskirt.

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